for those curious of where to see my things

its a little bit all over the place right now cause fan expo just came and went but
has lots of pics of all the different things
where you can buy some things, but not much up right now also re-organizing
more pictures here but probably same as facebook not sure XP

so yea...

lol my friends have always told me about live journal...but ive never been interested...still not really interested in the whole concept. I have lots of other social media going on XP

BUT my new friend from work chaos_21 told me to join the pokemon collectors group on live im semi-giving it a chance i kinda just wanna buy things :3 but i gotta make my account look legit first <.< lol

more about a crafter :3 yea i like the sound of that. i make all kinds of toys, figures and other random stuff

yea that should break it down for you guys ;D

THE END *thumbs up*